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There are over 36,729 possible careers in North America today, and over 284 academic majors. A few will make you very happy. The rest may leave you feeling unsatisfied and trapped. How will you find the one that is best for you? Do you have a career roadmap?

In our Career Coaching practice, we have found these 3 methods to be the most powerful when it comes to helping you discover your career roadmap - the right major, right talents or career.

1. Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is your Vocational and Career Roadmap which will rank your 32 basic interests and how they relate to the world of study and work. Also, it will rank 10 general occupational themes, 17 university majors and 32 job groups for you.

2. CareerPlanner Personality Test (CPPT) is your Personality Blueprint which will highlight your talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses and how they coincide with your career roadmap. It will tell you your personality type. (There are 16 distinct personality types). Also, you will get more specific information such as: (1) Which careers match your Personality Type and why? and (2) Which careers people with your Personality Type should avoid at all costs?

3. Jump Start Coaching Hour (JSCH) is your Life Coach who will guide you in the planning and implementing of the "Career Roadmap". Just 1 hour of Coaching over the phone, will bring clarity and confidence to your College/University planning and/or career direction.

How will the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey help me?

Choosing the career and major that's right for you
Nothing's more tedious than working hard at something you don't like, day after day. People get worn down, get burned out, and give up. If you choose the wrong major or career, this is exactly what can happen. You could waste tens of thousands of dollars and months (or even years) taking the wrong classes or working in the wrong field. Avoid this. Choose a major and career that you truly enjoy. Feel energized, happy, and content. We can help you do this. The JVIS:

1) Will help you choose the major, university, and career that's right for you…the first time around. 2) Takes into account your UNIQUE, PERSONAL interests. 3) Gives valuable advice, industry contacts, useful links, and helpful resources to help you explore the worlds of work and university. 4) Gives a listing of college and university majors. 5) Gives activities, worksheets and action planning tools to guide the career exploration process. 6) Ranks your 34 Basic Interest Scales, 10 General Occupational Themes, 17 University Major Clusters, and 32 Job Groups. 7) Is based on an accumulated 50 years of research. It is one of the most carefully crafted psychological measurements EVER created. 8) Was written by Dr. Douglas Jackson. He has chaired multiple committees of the American Psychological Association, has won numerous awards, and created an intelligence test used to screen NASA astronauts.

Sample Report
Click here to view the U.S. version of the JVIS sample report. For a sample Canadian JVIS report, click here. To view a sample Australian JVIS report, click here.

More than 33% of university students drop out before they graduate. Many of these people would have graduated with a degree they could be proud of, if only they found the major that was right for them. Don't risk your valuable time, or your future for that matter. Apply your talents in the area that's right for you. Let the JVIS help.

Even if you think you know the career and major that's best for you, wouldn't it be nice to have decades of research confirm your decisions? As scary as this sounds, the choices you make right now will affect the rest of your life. Give yourself every advantage, and make the best decisions possible. Start building an exciting future, TODAY!

How will the CareerPlanner Personality Test help me?

Why is Personality Type such a Powerful Tool?
It will highlight your talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses, interests and how they coincide with your career roadmap. There are 16 different personality types within the system and each one is represented by a four letter code, known as a "Personality Type" or a "Type." Your 4 letter type is the same as when you were 8 years old and it will be the same when you are 75. It is one of the very few constants in life. The CPPT describes how we "prefer" to do many things, including but not limited to:

1) The type of work we prefer,  2) Whether we prefer to work with lots of people or just a few,  3) The type of work environment we can thrive in and those that will limit us,  4) The sources of satisfaction we can get from work,  5) How we get along and don't get along with other people,  6) Whether we show up on time for meetings or we frequently show up late,  7) Whether we wait till the last minute to start a project, or we start well before a deadline,  8) Whether we are detail oriented or big picture oriented and strategic,  9) Whether we prefer to multi task or focus on one or two tasks,  10) Whether we are disciplined and structured or we are flexible and go with the flow,  11) Whether we are decisive or we prefer to delay decisions while more data comes in,  12) Whether we are warm and caring or cold, impersonal and analytical,  13) Whether we prefer to be inspired or entertained,  14) Whether we prefer to have fun or get something done.

The list goes on. It's amazing just how powerful the 4 letter personality type is.

How will a Jump Start Coaching Hour help me?

If you're looking to develop your career roadmap - decide on the right college major, discover/confirm your talents and career, or you're looking for a career change, but you're not sure where to begin, the 1-Hour Jump Start Phone Session is for you. This one-on-one phone session guides you to make a change that fits your true career direction.

Once you know your true education and/or career direction, you’ll understand the work you really love to do. You’ll be able to confirm that you're about to head down the right path. You’ll also get the right advice on dealing with your current education and career situation. Just 1 hour of coaching over the phone, will bring clarity and confidence to your education and/or career direction.

Do People Use Our Tele-Coaching Career Counselling Service? About 85% of our coaching clients are looking for better education and career direction. Some already have a direction in mind and they want to discuss it with an expert. Others know they want a change but are not sure where to begin.

About 15% of our coaching clients want to get advice and direction on dealing with people problems at work or home. Most often they want advice on dealing with a boss, coworker, parent or friend whose behaviour is somewhat negative.

Who uses Our Career Coaching Sessions? About 60% of our clients have been working for at least a five years when they decide they really need a change, but most have been working for 15 to 30 years. As you might guess we see a lot of people as they approach ages 30, 40 and 55.

About 40% of our coaching clients are students, parents of students or recent grads.

The students are trying to decide on a college major. Recent grads usually want to know what they can do with their new degree. It's best to start planning and thinking about one's first career in 10th or 11th grade before spending 4 to 5 years and $150,000 on an education.

The Jump Start Coaching Hour will help you identify : 1) and interpret the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey and the CareerPlanner Personality Tests, 2) and confirm your talents, education and career roadmap, 3) what happened to your career? 4) the root cause of why your current career or academic program is no longer working for you, 5) what you really want to do? 6) how to create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, 7) how to look at the big picture, 8) where you are headed? 9) the next steps you'll need to take to get moving in the right direction? and 10) if you need to change jobs or just your boss?

How long are the Coaching Sessions? The most popular career counselling session is our 1 Hour call. We spend 15-20 minutes preparing before the call. We study results from your free personality test, the results from the Career Interest Test, your resume if you have sent it to us, and any emails you may have sent.

We don't watch the clock too closely. If the session needs to run a few minutes over, we let it, and there is no charge for the extra time.

We also offer 15 minute follow up sessions, but that's only after you have completed the first 1 hour session.

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Students - find the major, talents and CAREER that's right for you!
Parents - point your child in the RIGHT direction!
Career Changers - what's your DREAM job?